Reaper Screen Shot

As we put the final touches on the forthcoming sophomore release from Cali Nation we run through the list of procedures that make all the sounds play well together on the sonic spectrum.  Such as finding the right spot to pan certain tracks, setting the best individual volume levels for the arrangement, getting the low end and low mid mud out of the mix by means of subtractive equalization, high passing that hihat until it is just an afterthought, using gates to accentuate a tracks main focus, finding the body of different tones and enhancing them through additive equalization and or compression, volume automating the tom mics so they only pop through at those crucial moments, finding the right delay and or reverb combination for the snare, the guitars, and the vocals, getting any extraneous noises out or into the mix if they artistically align, fading in and out of the beginning and end, and finally performance mixing like automating a delay, a reverb, a pan, or a volume swell, setting up the tops and tails, inserting a master stereo enhancer, master stereo limiter,  dither, and bouncing down the track for either further mastering or general consumption.

Mixing Software

LA2A copy