Z Minor Sound is a humble recording studio located in Salinas, CA. We specialize in cultural archiving through audio recording. Our goal is to capture music in it's raw form and prepare it for general consumption.

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Cali Nations' long awaited self titled sophomore release. Available now at the low introductory cost of $7.99 for the whole album. Preview and purchase below.
Cali Nation
Cali Nation's debut release "The Album" from 2005.
The Album
Cali Nation - The Album

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Cali Dub Pickle was a side project of Cali Nation front man Andrew Nack and Dub Congress front man Nathan Martisius. Recorded in 2006 by Jeff Lantis in Santa Cruz, CA.
Making My Way

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Mixing Music

Mixing Music

Posted on 25. May, 2010 by in Media, News

What mixing entails at Z Minor Sound